Sights to See coming from Calgary.

The Columbia Ice field is in-between Jasper and Banff. It feeds 3 different oceans. Banff, Jasper and Lake Louise have great hiking areas. I will update this page later with more links. There are lots of outdoor hot springs all along the way here.

1000 year old Red Cedar trees around 20 minutes east of Revelstoke, this 20 minute hike will give you the experience of a lifetime to see something so old and amazing as how the environment has changed to suit these massive trees. There are a number of small parks to visit in the park that would make a hiker quite happy, even a full days stay in Revelstoke which is around 2 hours from us via the Trans Canada Hwy. The summit has an abundance of wildflowers when in season that is around 30 days before they are ready where we are, some are in our garden or across the street from us.

This company offers a suspension bridge and is just around 15 minutes west of Revelstoke. Please visit their web site to get more information since they were not yet open when we tried to visit them,  we will update this later after we see what they have to offer. They are around 1 hour 45 minutes from us.

A great spot especially for children and those young at heart. We haven't visited here ourselves yet but it looks very inviting.

If you don't mind traveling back 20 minutes to hwy 23 from the suspension bridge then you can travel south until you hit Nakusp which has hot springs with 4 pools that are different temperatures, this one is Halcyon Hotsprings. The other spa along this route is called Nakusp Hot Springs. This route will take you across 3 free BC fairies and is a more relaxing drive to our place. This route will take you an additional 2.5 hours to complete.

The Village Cheese factory is just 10 minutes north of Vernon in Armstrong, they makes a very nice cheeses all with different flavors. The 2 we recommend are the curds that they do not offer for tasting and the garlic cheese spread.

Set in the heart of the Okanagan, Okanagan Spirits is the region’s only distillery, making Eaux de Vie, Grappas and specialty spirits.  Our distillery welcomes visitors to come and experience first hand, the delicate process of taking ‘carefully selected’ local fruit and producing these into award winning products.  They are open 6 days a week and can be found on 28th Ave, Vernon.

Farm tours, fruits for sale, tours and a petting zoo and a gift shop. This and the Bee farm have been recommended to us from guests who have visited there, who gave it a thumbs up. We will be going there shortly and will have more of a write up afterwards.

Tour and tasting of fresh honey right from the bees.

At the south end of Vernon there is a pull out just 2 or 3 minutes south of Vernon's southern tourism office on the east side of the highway where you can have an amazing view of Kalamalka Lake.  There also is a Provincial Park on the east side of the lake.

Sights to See coming from Jasper Along the Yellowhead

The spectacular wilderness of Well Gray Provincial Park is now 540 000 hectares encompassing ... east and north of the park are the giant peaks and glaciers Traveling from Jasper along the Yellowhead Highway Well Gray Provincial Park we've been told is a truly amazing place to visit. Many beautiful waterfalls to view. Only pick up some food as there is not anything to eat within 45 minutes to the park.

See wildlife in a park like setting. It is up in Kamloops.

Ric's Grill restaurant which does fantastic steaks, this one is in Kamloops. You know most decent places serve AAA Alberta beef, well this place offer something called Sterling Silver Beef. The cattle is fed only special high quality feed, the butchering is done at a special low volume abotoir, and the meat is hung for a month (up to 35 days!). Fantastic taste- best beef I've had outside of Japan (Kobe Beef) - the menu prices were pretty reasonable, we thought. Carl & Jacqui.

Village cheese can also be visited traveling south from Kamloops. When you hit 97 just past O'Keefe Ranch go north to Armstrong which is only 5 minutes north of the turn off.


Sights to See coming from Vancouver

Bridal Falls is a small park that is only around 10 minute walk to the falls. It is a beautiful view and a short distance North/East from Minters Garden.

Hells Gate is along the Fraser Canyon and is a tram that will take you over the historic Fraser River. This is an interesting place to visit both historically and with the view. If you come through the Fraser Canyon add another 2 hours onto your trip.

If you decide to travel down along hwy 3a then you will come around 10 minutes north of Okanagan Falls which has the best homemade ice cream and chocolates at Tickleberries Ice-cream. You can then visit the Gasthaus on the way north, around 50 minutes from Tickleberries and 45 minutes from us.


Hardy Falls is just before you get to the Peachland off of Hardy Street. If you reach the Petro Canada in Peachland then you have gone too far. Turn around at the gas station and head south, first set your odometer to zero and then go 6.2 kms until you pass the Two Chefs restaurant and the Edgewater trailer park and turn right. Go to the end of the road to park. In September you will see the Kokanee spawning. 

Once you get off on hwy 97C then if you 10 minutes south into Peachland there is one of the best priced restaurants with amazing German food. It is called the Gasthaus and has an amazing view across the lake. We recommend their French Onion soup. If you want a smoke free atmosphere ask them before being seated outside if that area is non-smoking first.

Sights to See on Vancouver Island

Our neighbour Jake has just returned home from a fishing trip with this company and speaks very highly about the great success that they had with them. He told me that he would recommend them to anyone interested in a once in a life time experience. He gave us some of his catch and there is nothing like a fresh Halibut. He had spent 3 days fishing so allow yourself at least this amount of time if you are going to try this.

This is a world class restaurant just west of Victoria. An amazing romantic location where you can watch the waves crashing to shore while you eat your gourmet meal. We've eaten here and give it a big thumbs up. Here is some info from their site. "Our kitchen gardens (which you are welcome to explore when you visit) also provide over 400 varieties of fresh and sometimes unusual herbs, salad greens and edible flowers for our restaurant. Organic vegetables are purchased in season from nearby farms. Our chefs also create dishes using ethically wildcrafted local herbs and seaweeds." They also have suites available above the restaurant with Jacuzzi tubs in the room, there are also a number of local BnB's there that you can relax at as well.

Friends of ours have a BnB in Courtenay. They are two of the nicest people you will ever meet, so for a really nice time in Courtenay we would highly recommend these folks. They are also volunteer ski instructor for handicap people on Mount Washington. They had their own ski & snowboard instruction school for a number of years  before they moved to Courtenay.


Other great routes to check out is the Sea to Sky highway as you leave Horseshoe Bay drive north towards Whistler (great restaurant in Whistler is The Mongolian Grill) to Kamloops. South on highway 97 through to Vernon, Armstrong is 10 minutes north of the cut off. This route from Whistler to our home will take approximately 12 hours so make a stop over at say Lillooet or Cache Creek (make sure you see the motel rooms first).